My mission is to create meaningful and inspiring artwork that reflects my diverse experiences and perspectives. I strive to bring together multidisciplinary practices and techniques in order to create art that is both beautiful and thought-provoking. I believe that art is a powerful tool for communication and expression, and I strive to use it to inspire and engage individuals, promote dialogue, and positive change.

My work has been an evolution that reflects my life as an artist, former public school teacher and mother of two. I have a passion for books and reading. Everyone has their favorite: a favorite author, a favorite quote, a favorite concept or theme. We all have our own individual reading journeys. Yet books have the power to connect us. 

All my carvings are one of a kind and created with the intention of connecting with the beholder. Look carefully at the image and you will see words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs or pictures exposed on purpose. Although my books are bound, the process in which I carve my images leave the book and its pages connected as one solid piece. My process has evolved from many hours of experimentation and self-teaching.

I studied at the College of Charleston earning degrees in Communication Studies and Studio Art. My forms of employment have been High School Art Teacher, Swim Coach, Activities Director, Restaurant Server, Private Tutor, Parent Extraordinaire and Lifeguard (not necessarily in that order).

I am currently available for commission and private/semi-private lessons as well.