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Jack Kerouac Book Carving

Jack Kerouac Book Carving

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This book carving is completely one of a kind. I will not repeat images. What you are seeing are the actual pages in the book itself. My process is to take away pages or portions of pages in order to leave things exposed. This is all created by hand...lots of xacto blades, tweezers and my glasses. The outside of the book is bound (glued) shut so that it is one solid piece. The cover is free to open and close. 

This book is a collection of Jack Kerouac's poems. This is one of my pieces that I learned to trust my instincts and go with my gut.

The passages that are exposed that correlate to the images of zombies were in the very beginning of the book in the preface. They are actually not apart of the poems. If you did not know already, Kerouac was an alcoholic and tragically died from drinking. In the preface, zombies are compared to the addicted living in the streets of New Orleans. When I read this passage, I immediately tagged it as a possibility for my image. However, I read the entire book looking for options only to circle back to this description.

Can be displayed on any shelf, table, mantle, dresser, etc...


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