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Moon Knight

Moon Knight

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Graphic novel, “Complete collection of Moon Knight” One of a kind book carving. 

This book carving is completely one of a kind. I will not repeat images. What you see are the actual pages in the book. My process is to take away pages or portions of pages. This is all done by hand...xacto blades, tweezer and my glasses.

The outside of the book is bound (glued) shut so that it is one solid piece. Cover cannot be opened.

I’ll be honest, I only knew of the character, Moon Knight, prior to the Disney series. There are so many opinions about Marvel and the universe/multiverse they have been creating on the big and small screen.

I loved the Moon Knight series! I think the comics are very clever and were ahead of its time concerning mental illness. How did Oscar Isaac not get a Golden Globe Nomination? He was phenomenal!

This one of a kind book carving is perfect for the Marvel or Moon Knight fan. 

Can be displayed on any shelf, table, mantle, dresser, etc...

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