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Muhammad Ali Book Carving

Muhammad Ali Book Carving

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This book carving is completely one of a kind. I will not repeat images. What you are seeing are the actual pages in the book itself. My process is to take away pages or portions of pages in order to leave things exposed. This is all created by hand...lots of xacto blades, tweezers and my glasses. The outside of the book is bound (glued) shut so that it is one solid piece. The cover is free to open and close. 

This is the first book I actually hesitated to cut up. It is no longer printed in hardcover. It is available in paperback and electronically though. I had to find this second hand online and was one of the more expensive books I have purchased. It was written by Muhammad Ali himself and has a very cool embossed signature on the front cover. I chose to create one of his more iconic portraits inside. The very last page exposed (the deepest part) is the dialogue between he and Joe Frazier during their pre-fight, trash talking promotion.

Can be displayed on any shelf, table, mantle, dresser, etc...


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